How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

how to stop your dog from barkingTop Five Tips On How To Stop Your Dog From Barking At People and Other Dogs

It’s a beautiful day. You can’t wait to take your dog for a wonderful walk in the neighborhood.

You love to talk with fellow neighbors and other fellow passerbys, but the minute you get near anyone, or any dog, your dog goes crazy barking!

So What do you do?

Well we’ve put together five of the best ways you can train your dog to stop barking at people and other dogs, once can for all.

1. Correct The Bad Behaviourhow to stop your dog from barking at other dogs

You need to command your to dog to stop barking. You can do this using either a look, a sound, or a physical correction.

Your dog may stop for a second and then continue barking. You must be persistent! Continue to issue your correctional behaviour until your dog submits.

2. You Must Stay Calm

Yes, constant barking can become irritating. You must however, realize that dogs have a very deep connection to your feelings. They can sense your happiness along with your frustration, and they simply mirror it.

So you must remain calm at all costs and not get frustrated, otherwise your dog will sense your frustration and reflect that negative emotion though more barking.

3. You Must Take Control Over the Situation

When your dog is barking over and over at the same person or dog, you have to take control of the situation. You cannot allow your dog to be the dominant one where they call the shots.

You must use your mind, body, and calm assertive energy to create an invisible wall that your dog cannot cross. You must be 100% convicted, dedicated, and focused. When done correctly, your dog will eventually submit and stop barking.

4. Your Dog Must Receive Daily Exercisewhy does my dog bark at other dogs

Excessive barking is usually the result of pent up energy. If this is the case the solution is simple, make sure your dog is getting at least two to three walks a day.

If you have a very energetic dog, you will have to provide them with lots of play time each day. Ideally a dog park, or large yard where they can run around, have fun, and use up most of their excessive energy.

Just like with humans, daily exercise will increase your dog’s health, happiness, and lifespan.

5. Get Professional Help

When you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, get professional help. Do not be that neighbour with the viciously barking dog, that thinks they know what their doing and won’t seek help.

There are numerous companies offering dog barking services, that will come to your home and work with you and your dog to permanently cure the barking problem.

In Summary

best ways to stop my dog from barking

It is not fun when your dog barks at other people, the doorbell, and other dogs. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to train your dog not to bark, or seek help.

I hope these five tips help to resolve your dog’s barking issue, and help create a more enjoyable relationship between you and your dog.

God Bless.